Ghosts in the Bamboo


Nepali Writing in English is simply incomplete without Greta Rana. With her beautiful prose, deep insight, and unwavering sensibility, she is the foremost chronicler of lives. She has been enriching the literature through her books, “Ghosts in the Bamboo” is giving high hope for the genre of literary fiction. – Atul K Thakur, Writer & Journalist

In her long and storied career, Greta Rana has been quietly producing enigmatic literature that is imaginative and wide-ranging in scope from Sherpas in Helambu to migrant workers in the Middle East. This new book, set in fantasy land, holds much promise as an engaging and inventive read. – Pranaya SJB Rana, Writer & Journalist

A very perceptive and sensitive author Greta Rana’s works are phenomenal. With “Ghosts in the Bamboo.” Rana has crafted a plot using magical realism embedded in contrast to real-life struggles and dreams and desire in the imaginary land of Lapalistan. – Saguna Shah, Educator and Founder of bookaholics