About Us

We Give Best Deals on Books

Reading books is what keeps us going, and we know the priceless moment when you open a new book and the smell of freshly printed paper wafts in, so it is important to us that you dont have to break the bank every time you buy a new book. We work tirelessly to always stock up on the latest collections and to be able to provide you with the best deals on the books we sell, so you don’t have to think twice about buying from us.

Our Company

The year was 2059 B.S. and the place was pokhara when Himalayan Readers’ Corner was first conceived in the form of a small bookshop. Our main scope was to promote the reading as a culture from the start. Slowly the involvement of diverse readership compelled us to explore and expand our range of catalog which was very important and much appreciated by the readers.

So, the idea of a cultural hub was never compromised. Over the years we felt that relation with books and readers should not be limited to just a bookstore. So, the idea of expanding its branch come into play but this just doesn’t have to be like our original store. The most lacking thing over there was space and the place to have a conversation with readers, writers and make anew friends. This is how our branch in new road is established where we not only offer a wide variety of books to select from but also warm coffee with a selection of bakeries and breakfast to open up your conversation. In the limited period we have noticed that regardless of our patron readers, writers, a different set of an audience has been growing with us.
As time evolves we evolve from Book shop to Bookshop cum Café, now we are going digital as well. We have been receiving enormous emails, messages from our readers who happen to be away from our physical shop. Though all the essence cannot be delivered a readers should not be left with the regret of not having a book just so that s/he cannot be in the store. We will attempt to bridge the gap and expand our readership even more. We hope our readers will even push us as far as possible this time and help us gather more patrons as well. We are never complete without you.